Own conservation

Since the last century, Costa Rica has lost approximately 80% of it’s primary forest. Most of it being turned into cultivated areas and cattle pastures, destroying the home of many endangered species. As the Osa Peninsula has been partially spared by deforestation, a race against time is on to protect one of the most biologically intense place on Earth.

After years of fieldwork, exploring remote areas and working with locals, our team has created bonds with several landowners within the Osa Peninsula. Connecting the people who sell lands containing intense biodiversity with conservation oriented buyers is a long term solution to preserve key areas of this rainforest. Over time, we have selected properties with exceptional natural value and we are helping buyers from all over the world to find the right land.

In order to offer the best advices and legal structure, we have teamed up with Grow Jungles in our effort to protect the rainforest through conservation-based real estate.