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Meet the team


Tico has always spent his time looking for wildlife wherever he was. Based on the Osa Peninsula since the age of 21, he explored the jungle for several years before founding Tico's Wild Studio. Ever since, he has been tracking jaguars to photograph them and has built his life around them. He leads the technical and artistic vision of the project. And yes, Tico is his real name.



Executive director

Involved in the project since the beginning, César has joined Tico's Wild Studio in 2019. Always up for an expedition in the wild, he also coordinates numerous aspects of the project such as growth, brand identity and project planning. Aside of his skills, he also has a particular interest for... crocodiles.



Operation manager

Starting from 2016, Johanna has participated in the development of the jaguar project overtime weither on the field or on the organizational side. Her role is to anticipate and solve the logistic challenges of the project. She is also responsible for setting up partnerships with local and nationwide actors.



Expedition leader

As an expedition leader, Kevin is in charge of the deployment and maintenance of the camera trap network on the field. Through his knowledge of the jungle and thanks to his experience as a guide, he participates in the collection and early analysis of the footages in order to fill the project's database.



Expedition leader

Henry is a wildlife specialist, he is responsible for field monitoring and data collection. As an experienced guide in Corcovado his knowledge of the jungle is a key asset for Tico’s Wild Studio.



Video Editor

As an experienced video editor, Léopold is in charge of the video production for Tico’s Wild Studio. He is also taking part in the field work and expeditions.